Online Course vs. Teleseminars/Webinars - the difference between Asynchronous and Synchronous Distance CE Courses

Posting Date:  Jul 10, 2019
Do you know the difference between an Online, Asynchronous Distanced Based CE Course and a Teleseminar/Webinar, Synchronous Distanced Based CE Course?

An on demand online continuing education cours is most often an asynchronous distance based continuing education course whereby the instructor and learner are not in direct, live or real time communication during the course.  

A TeleSeminar/Webinar is often a real time event, synchronous, distanced based continuing education course in which the instructor and learner can immediately interact (eg question/answers) as well as learners interacting with other learners.  This approximates a live, in person learning course without having to travel!

Which type you takes depends on you as a learner. 

However, there are other reasons to look a real time, synchronous TeleSeminar/Webinar - some states that don't allow you to take all your hours using asynchronous courses do allow you to take them via real time TeleSeminar/Webinars. Examples of these states include New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Delaware and Texas. offers 1 hour Teleseminars on almost every Wednesday night from 8 - 9 pm eastern and 3 hour (sometimes 4) events on almost every Saturday morning from 9 - 12 (or 1) pm eastern time.

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