Candida - The 21ST Century Pandemic

Posting Date:  Jun 24, 2019

In recent years Candida (yeast) has become a household word among the growing health conscious. Candida overgrowth has been associated with over one hundred common and elusive symptoms prominent in our society. The broad range of symptoms include multiple allergies, fatigue, brain fog, difficulty thinking and concentrating, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, cravings, skin disorders, mental and emotional disorders, immune weaknesses and disorders, mold sensitivity and mood changes. Candida is one of those common denominators behind the dramatic rise in chronic illnesses skyrocketing in the 21 century.

I have been eclectically treating Candida overgrowth related problems for over 40 years. Historically, Candida has been treated with a very strict diet and lifestyle that has shown effective in the short run yet difficult to sustain. Diet and nutrition alone have not been corrective in the long run and most patients have difficulty maintaining the strict, tight rope rotational diets.

Homeopathy has been a positive game changer in correcting the long list of chronic elusive problems related to Candida overgrowth. Homeopathy works differently than nutrition and herbal products. Homeopathy like anything else is not a cure-all for everything, however it is vital component to the cure by correcting actual causes behind the chronic disease pandemic plaguing our society. Candida-like toxicity is a key common denominator in our 21st century escalation of health issues.

The savvy Chiropractor equipped with a few homeopathic formulations, a probiotic and some simple easy to follow diet and lifestyle tweaks, can significantly influence this 21st century pandemic of Candida overgrowth that has been eluding the greater majority of practitioners today.

Homeopathy uniquely works deep within the nervous system to awaken and activate our body’s natural, innate ability to heal. Homeopathic Candida formulas help equip the Chiropractor with the ability to correct the inner control networks, to establish homeostasis and balance, or modulate the control factors behind the Candida overgrowth. Once you awaken the damaged inner control networks to function with homeopathy, a simpler, easier to follow diet and lifestyle makes this once elusive and recurring problem much more successful and easier to manage for both patient and practitioner.

Over the past 50 years, energy fields of the body have been increasingly measured through various new instrumentations that continue to reveal deeper insights into how the body functions. Homeopathic remedies continue to show through these new sophistications of instrumentation, the correction of our energetic control networks. In fact, even inherited weaknesses and predispositions passed down as far as ten generations genetically can be corrected with homeopathy. Offspring conceived after these corrections will commonly not carry the previous problems and predispositions within the family.

Genetically, I have observed the multiple problems with Candida overgrowth to produce a broader symptomatic picture and greater intensity with each generation. Homeopathy has been the key to stopping the growing list of intense symptoms from plaguing our children and beyond. Scientists are now projecting this generation will be the first in many generations that will live sicker and die sooner than their parents.

We have all heard of Candida Albicans. Albicans means white, and that is the white cottage cheese looking yeast infection commonly found vaginally or as thrush in the mouth or tongue of infants and adults. However, there are many other strains of Candida that are not Albicans or white. In fact, most of the strains of Candida do not have a color or noticeable taste or smell. There are strains that cause fatigue, others that cause brain fog, confusion, attention deficit, weakened memory, mood changes and more. Other strains may cause respiratory issues, digestive issues, skin issues, reproductive issues, headaches, immune weaknesses and hypersensitivity, mold sensitivity, food allergies, environmental allergies, cravings, and multiple hypersensitivities.

Over the past 40 years we have diligently worked to find better solutions to correct and bring into balance the negative effects of the multiple strains of Candida. By applying multiple homeopathic ingredients, multiple potencies and multiple deliveries, homeopathy provides essential solutions to the correction and prevention of the Candida pandemic.

Our contemporary applications homeopathy have also minimized a major problem dealing with the treatment of Candida called the Herxheimer response. The Herxheimer response is a detox response, or cleansing crisis that occurs as the Candida dies off, and creates a list of temporary symptoms that are not pleasant. Karl Herxheimer originally discovered the phenomenon in 1895 with the healing crisis or symptoms that occurred in the treatment of Syphilis and later with other illnesses. With the treatment of Candida overgrowth, this phenomenon of die-off releases up to 80 different endotoxins that can cause a broad range of temporary but uncomfortable symptoms. The symptoms of the Herxheimer response from Candida die-off can be an aggravation of past Candida symptoms or new symptoms that may include:

Acne, rashes, skin irritations

Anxiety or nervousness

Brain fog, confusion or poor concentration

Cravings or sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol, stimulants or drugs

Chest congestion

Dizziness or light headedness

Depression, blues

Emotional hypersensitivity, irritability or mood changes

Flu-like symptoms

Heart palpitations

Headaches, sinusitis

Indigestion, nausea, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea or stomach pain

Muscle and joint aches

Restless legs

Sore throat

Multiple Homeopathic ingredients, multiple potencies, and multiple deliveries have greatly minimized the Herxheimer response/healing or cleansing crisis.

Using anti-fungal drugs, as well as certain herbs and nutritional supplements, will force a biochemical die-off of Candida and can aggravate an increase in the Herxheimer response symptoms and their intensity. Integrating the homeopathic approach with drug, nutritional, and herbal approaches, also decreases the Herxheimer responses. Homeopathic remedies awaken and activate the body’s innate responses to eliminate the predisposition to Candida for a gentler, more corrective, and curative effect.

Another helpful homeopathic approach in treating Candida is the use of a homeopathic detox or drainage remedies that awaken and activate the body’s liver, lymph, blood and kidneys to function more effectively to detox and drain the body of the excess toxins we are exposed to living in the 21st century.

Before the use of homeopathy we would get a Herxheimer aggravation in 60% to 70% of the cases we treated for Candida. Implementing homeopathy we have decreased the Herxheimer aggravation down to 5% to 10% of the cases. The aggravations are also much less intensive and shorter in length of time.

The Herxheimer response can turn people away from the Candida care they so vitally need. Sharing the percentage chance of experiencing the Herxheimer response, and what the potential symptoms may be, is important. If you explain the additional symptoms to your patients after the Herxheimer response begins, your patients will look at you skeptically. Explain at the beginning, and when it happens your patients will look at you as a genius. I have had so many patients come in excited about their headache or flu-like symptoms, because they realize the treatment is working.

Homeopathic advances have greatly minimized the regular recurrences of Candida we so commonly experienced in the past. New homeopathic approaches offer a deeper corrective result that awakens the body to keep Candida overgrowth at bay. However, no approach will stop Candida overgrowth if the patient continues to consume excessive sweets, carbohydrates or antibiotics. In summary, adding the homeopathic approach to Candida helps:

1. Awaken and activate the body’s innate ability to keep Candida in check.

2. Trains the body’s ability to prevent recurrences common to Candida.

3. Provides a gentler cure minimizing the common Herxheimer responses.

4. Helps correct the genetic predispositions towards Candida for ourselves and our future offspring.

Additional help to aide treatment and prevent the Herxheimer response include:

Keep with a low sugar low carbohydrate diet

Drink plenty of spring water

Exercise mild to moderately and maintain movement through the day

Use bentonite clay and activated charcoal capsules

Rotate with different probiotic supplements

Take extra vitamin C especially during treatment and detox

Eat whole foods, warm soups and small amount of fermented foods with two of your meals per day

Use additional homeopathic formulations when needed to match any specific symptoms, like constipation, diarrhea, heart burn, anxiety, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, flu-like symptoms, etc.

Please feel free to contact my office for more information and receive our complimentary Candida Questionnaire Appraisal and Home Spit Test, available free to all Doctors of Chiropractic, to help in distinguishing a Candida case and monitoring your results.


About the Author:

Dr. Frank King, a Doctor of Chiropractic and Naturopathy is a nationally recognized researcher, homeopath, speaker, naturalist, and the author of The Healing Revolution. He is also the founder and president of King Bio, an FDA-registered natural pharmaceutical manufacturer.

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