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Some of you may remember our great friend Sig Miller, DC who used to operate ChiroViewPresents which offered great free articles and information to Doctors of Chiropractic which were contributed by brilliant minds in our profession to help DC’s and their staff . Sig passed on a few years back and we have contemplated carrying on his work for some time. Now, we proudly announce the availability of ChiroFreeInfo.com and hope we can carry on in the same great tradition that Sig did. Initially, we are going to provide you a one stop resource for great free stuff from Kathy Mills Change at KMC University for Chiropractic Assistants, Incredible PodCasts by Dean Smith, DC, PHD at Chiropractic Science and Incredible free Stuff from the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP). Not enough? Here's more. Dr. Gregg Friedman of GotDocumentation and The Bulletproof Chiro will provide you Documentation nuggets that will knock your socks off and Dr. Frank King from KingBio is going to give you concepts on Homeopathy. Finally, ChiroCredit.com, your source for Chiropractic CE by Online and Webinars will provide free course content, video's and more! This is a collaboration so If you have great free stuff you want to share with the profession, let us know! Simply click on the contact us link and give us content or link to content that you think should be shared. If you'd like we will even give you credit for it (if you want).

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Take a moment and do a quick registration, and you get access to more free stuff. You will have immediate access to use our PostMyCE platform which is a simple, intuitive and innovative way to keep information on all continuing education activities you complete so they are readily accessible in one place should you get audited. We will also give you free access to our LogMyStuff App which allows you to quickly and easily inventory the contents of your office (or home) in case of a loss (fire, theft, etc). And, more is to come!